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More in-depth documentation can be found in README on GitHub.

Tubbs is a feature-rich and database-agnostic model layer for you Node.js applications.

Some of Tubbs’ excellent features are:

Example: define a User model module:

var Tubbs = require('tubbs');
var Validate = Tubbs.Validate;
var Regex = require('regex');

var User = module.exports = Tubbs.create({
  // Persist our data with Riak
  dataStore: new Tubbs.RiakStore({ bucket: 'users' }),
  // Use the `username` property as the primary key for operations like `find`.
  // Defaults to the `id` property.
  primaryKey: 'username',

  fields: {
    username: undefined,
    password: undefined,
    first: undefined,
    last: undefined,
    email: undefined

  // Instances will have a `name` property, but it will not be serialized as
  // JSON when saved to the database.
  virtual: {
    name: function() {
      return ((this.first || '') + ' ' + (this.last || '')).trim();

  // Add some validation...
  validation: [
    Validate.formatOf('username', {
      with: Regex.username

    Validate.formatOf('password', {
      with: Regex.passwordHash

    Validate.formatOf('email', {
      with: Regex.email

Example: the defined User model can pull data from our database:

var user = User.find('dandean');
user.email = 'whatever@stuff.com';
user.save(function(e, result) {
  if (e) {
    // Could not save, respond with the error messages
      error: e.message,
      errors: user.errors
    }, 400);
  } else {
    // User found, send the user bac to the client.
    res.send({ user: user }, 200);

Tubbs can do a whole lot more, and can make your database code pretty concise and easy to work with. Take a look at the repository for more examples and documentation.

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